Anna Onewein

Anna Onewein, BS, RDH

Licensed Agent

I’m finally marrying my love of dentistry and my practicality for the unexpected by joining Heidi Peters RDH and RDH Insurance Professions, Ltd. As a hygienist working five days a week in private practice for over a decade, I know how hard we work for our paychecks and how important it is to protect it. Just like we take care of our patients and help prevent oral diseases, we must also prevent future loss when life happens. Our biggest asset is our income and I love working with clients to help them protect both their present and future earnings. I look forward to having the opportunity to create a stable, safe path forward for my fellow hygienists and their loved ones.

Anna has been a client of Heidi’s since 2013. Anna understood the importance of her paycheck as she was the breadwinner for her family as her husband was completing his pharmacy degree. Anna’s family has also suffered a loss, with the passing of her brother, which solidified her belief in protecting what is important.

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