Winter is coming and accidents to occur.

How many hygienists have had their backs and necks excluded on a disability policy, due to a minor car accident that required short-term treatment?  Insurance companies assess risk when offering a policy.  A hygienist with an pre-existing injury to these areas of the body that are affected by our repetitive motions, will have an exclusion in their policy.  We are NOT […]

Did you know that RDH Insurance can assist you with life insurance also?

RDH Insurance helps hygienists with choosing a disability insurance plan that will work for them when a disability or illness interferes with their career.  Did you also know that RDH Insurance can assist you with your life insurance needs also?  Contact me at for more details.

Disability Income Awareness Month

Think of Disability Insurance as Insurance for Your Paycheck Income is the foundation of our financial lives. It supports everything else. It’s the way we provide for our families and for our futures. It’s our most valuable asset.  And it deserves protection.