Timeline Checklist

Whether you’re planning ahead and getting an early start or you feel you’re late to the game,
NOW is the time to create a Safe Money Strategy.

Not sure where to start?
Below is a basic guideline based on age range and phases of life.


Put your seatbelt on and get ready.  There are so many changes in this decade!  So many “wants” and not enough money; so many ideas and people with opinions of what to do.

How do you prioritize? Where should you start?
Where do you get the most accurate information?

  1. Take inventory of current debt
    • How is the interest rate calculated? 
    • What will the total cost be when making payments?
  2. Establish a budget & prepare for living on your own
    • If you are living at home and not paying rent and expenses, put these costs into a savings account. This will help you figure out if you can afford to be on your own & learn to live within your own means.
  3. Evaluate your job benefits
    • What work benefits do you have and how would they work for you? Do you have the following:
      • Disability insurance
      • Life insurance
      • 401K
      • Medical/Dental
      • Flexible spending (FSA/HSA)
  4.  Establish & grow your savings:
    • Emergency funds
    • Retirement
      • Don’t make the mistake of thinking retirement seems too far off to worry about it. Let me show you how your money can grow when saved early 
    • Roth vs traditional IRA

It’s never too early to start saving. That doesn’t mean you can’t spend – but let’s discuss smart money decisions and strategies to set you up for success, now and later in life.

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Can we all agree that your 30’s is the “Decade of Change”? This is that period in life where you’re making several large financial decisions and it’s time to seriously “adult”.  

Establish a strong financial foundation NOW before you learn too late how many quality options depend on age, income and health. As is said, “We will never be younger than today!”

  • Career
    • Evaluate your work benefits and how they work for you:
      • Disability insurance
      • Life insurance
      • 401K
      • Medical/Dental
      • Flexible spending (FSA/HSA)
    • Savings
      • Emergency funds
      • Retirement
      • Roth vs traditional IRA
  • Purchasing a home
    • Assess your mortgage and consider pros and cons of paying off your home sooner
  • Marriage vs living together
    • Consider the financial implications of each arrangement
      • Legal documents
      • Children, blended families
      • Property
  • Starting a family
    • It’s not just about your future anymore. Develop a plan to include the following:
      • Guardianship and other legal documents
      • Life insurance
      • College planning

What changes are you experiencing in your life right now? What do you want/expect to encounter within the next few years? Are you prepared?

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Your 40’s is a decade where some of the decisions in your 30’s may have been addressed and others are still in progress. If not already planned, these are the years to firmly establish the cornerstones of your financial house.

  1. Career, Home, Marriage, Family
    • All the priorities and decisions made in your 30’s are typically still in play
    • Scroll up to see details
  2.  Retirement
    • Run projections of where you are now and where you want to be
    • Navigate college expenses vs retirement savings
    • Are your parents prepared for their own retirement?

No more procrastinating. It’s time to buckle down and plan for your future.

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I, personally, am in this season of life and am blessed to have my two children launched and raising their own families. My thoughts about money have changed and I no longer worry about grocery money – but I do worry if I will outlive my money. Let’s work together to prevent you from wondering the same.

  1. Retirement
    • Get a firm understanding of where you stand.
      • What is your projected retirement income from the assets you have accumulated? And is that amount adequate?
      • What options are available to increase this number?
      • Do you want/have a pension?
      • How will your savings be affected if you require LTC in retirement?
      • Are your parents prepared for their own retirement?

My grandmother lived to just shy of 103.  Unfortunately, she outlived her money.  She had a long-term care event and the financial consequences fell to me and my sister. 

To prevent my children from experiencing a similar fate, I created my own plan that guarantees the annual income that I want in retirement. Stock market accounts can rise and fall but I KNOW that I will receive my annual check.

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What is your definition of retirement?
My husband’s is: “to be done working”.
Mine is: “to not have to financially work”.
Sounds the same and yet very different creating the life we want to lead.

Did you plan correctly for yourself? Now that you are here, are there new goals that you want to achieve and does this impact your retirement dollars?

  1. Do you have enough assets to not outlive your money?
  2. Do you have anxiety about the stock market going up and down and would like options for more guaranteed income?
  3. Do you have “lazy assets” (money in a savings account, CDs that are out of surrender, cash in a brokerage account) that you want wrapped in a safety blanket, that can earn a higher interest rate, protect the savings, and still have access to the dollars?

Hopefully the checklist is complete and you’re now able to kick back and look forward to your “optional working” years!

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My story has evolved.  Life has a way of changing everything and my journey has been no different.  With every season, I’ve grown in how I view what is important.

 I heard someone say that we should not follow our passions but follow what we are curious about.  I am curious about people, about finding answers to problems/concerns, about being a cheerleader for someone to reach their goals & live the life they desired.

My financial practice began by working with younger clients and helping them understand the importance of protecting the thing that fuels all areas of our life: the paycheck that affords our lifestyle. 

No matter your age or phase of life, I can help guide you through creating a
Safe Money Strategy. 

Take a minute to schedule a quick call and make those first few steps to financial freedom.  We’ll focus our attention on where you are now and plan on how we can get you where you want/need to be.

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