I Run a Safe Money Practice

Most of my clients are busy, responsible individuals who want the confidence to understand and be a part of all financial decisions.

Regardless of their age, relationship status or career, my clients ALL have the same 3 concerns:

Where do I start?

Each industry has its own language.
Let’s build on what you know and understand.
I call this:

Finance 101:

Education + Understanding =
Confident Money Decisions

We’ll take a courageous look at an imperfect balance sheet. Where are you now and where do you want to be? 

Take a look at your family tree. Who are you supporting? Does this affect you financially?

More importantly, who’s supporting you?

Understand your spending and learn how to best manage your funds based on your needs.

Click below for a FREE spending activity sheet. This resource is the best first step to acknowledging where you are and creating a plan to get you where you want to be.

Will I have to budget?

“Budget” sounds an awful lot like “diet” and no one likes that word or concept.
How about paying yourself first?

Create a Safe Money Plan & Build Certainty

Uncover the true purpose for your money and discover your “why”. Are you saving for retirement? Your kids’ futures? Vacations?

Not all goals are created equal – which means the basic results you’ve already researched won’t cover all your bases. Let’s discuss your “why” and how we can set you up for financial success!

My goal is to help you reduce risks and increase certainty. Together, we’ll create a plan that is Understandable, Uncomplicated and Automated.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still have fun things! We’ll also discuss Options for Abundance: If your needs are met, what are your wants?

Ready to take the next step in your financial journey? Take this quick quiz to start!

Will I run out of money?

This is a legitimate concern, especially for retirees who may encounter unforeseen medical expenses, leaving them physically unable to rejoin the workforce.

Wisdom for Wise Choices

Running out of money isn’t a concern only during retirement. Are you prepared for an extended illness or injury (for you or any family members)? Do you have plans in place for premature death?

You can’t control these unfortunate events BUT you do have options to reduce their financial affects.

Were you aware that women in the US generally live over 5 years longer than men? The implications of this fact can be a significant concern for women. Whether single, married, or in a partnership, understanding and preparing for each stage of your financial life, is important.

It is NEVER too young to begin building different buckets of money. Options are always sexy.

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I do what I do so my clients can feel more in control of their financial futures. I want them to sleep well at night, knowing their families are protected and that dreams can come true with intentional spending.

Whether your questions are simple or complex, let’s schedule some time to discuss your situation and put your mind at ease!

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