I have had soooo many calls lately with hygienists in pain that is caused by what we do on the job.  Many have sought medical advice and treatment and have NOT filed a L&I/Workman’s Compensation claim.  I teach this in every school that I speak at and I have shouted this wherever possible.  If your injury or illness is, or could be caused by your job, file your paperwork correctly from the beginning.  I would rather have the call come before a complicated issue becomes more complicated.  Is it easier to put these charges on a medical insurance policy?  Yes!  Does it require less paperwork?  Yes!  Does your medical provider hate filing government paperwork?  Yes,Yes!!  But don’t do it!  A clean, correct, filing of paperwork will be less of a hassle if your job related injury causes you to lose work hours. And don’t forget to journal daily all symptoms and treatment.  You will need this information to file claims.

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