What are your New Year’s resolutions?  Are you still going to lose weight?  Are you still going to eat healthy?  Are you going to change jobs, find the right office with an amazing employer that values you and what you offer?  Will you be buying a new home?  Having a baby?  Taking a fabulous vacation?  Going back to school?  What excites you and causes you to set goals?  More importantly, what excites you enough to follow thru so you can finally celebrate your achievement?  My resolution is to reach as many fellow hygienists in 2016 and get them excited about their financial futures.  Did you dream about what would happen if you won the Powerball?  What would the dream look like if you lost your income?  Different dream.  Protect what excites you, what makes life worth working so hard for.  Insurance is a boring discussion until you find that the discussion should have been had and now it is too late.  Let’s discuss!!!  425-415-6163

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