I run a Safe Money Practice for women

Most of my clients are busy, responsible women who want the confidence to understand & be a part of all financial decisions.

Regardless of their age, relationship status, or career my clients are in,
they ALL have the same 3 concerns:

Where do I start?

Each industry has its own language. Let’s build on what you know & understand. I call this:

Finance 101 for Savvy Women

Education + understanding = Confident money decisions.

We’ll take a courageous look at an imperfect balance sheet. Where are you and where do you want to be?

Take a look at your family tree. Who are you supporting? How does this financially affect you?


Create your imperfect balance sheet

Will I have to budget?

Budget sounds like diet & no one likes that word. How about paying yourself first?

Create a safe money plan & build certainty

Uncover the purpose for your money, and discover your “why”.

Reduce risks and increase certainty. Understandable, Uncomplicated, and Automated are the goals.

Options for Abundance: If your needs are met, what are your wants?

discover your why, take this quiz!

Will I un out of money?

This is a top concern as women age


Wisdom for wise choices! Watch for:

Do you know your estimated, annual, retirement income amount? No one ever shared this with ME.

Would you have to save more to get a higher income? Maybe not. Interested in knowing how?




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