Why should I spend this amount of money each month and I may never use it?

Don’t you spend monthly wages on your car insurance, your home/renters insurance, medical insurance, life insurance, umbrella insurance, earthquake insurance? What is the risk that you will use these policies more often and how financially devastated would your life be without coverage? Can you survive without a monthly income, and if so, how long? Check your bank accounts, add up your monthly bills, and divide. How long?

Disability Insurance is:

  1. Protection: of your monthly wages.
  2. Defense: against financial ruin.
  3. Safeguard: of your life goals (a home, an education for your children, a rewarding retirement).
  4. Security: to lead your life as you have designed.
  5. Precaution: against the high risk of disabilities that hygienists face.

That is why this is money well spent each month.

Heidi Peters

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